Right Now

What I’m doing right now

I’m based in Toronto, ON, and am currently working remotely for a startup. I’ve been lucky enough that I was able to switch jobs during the pandemic, and that my current role has been remote-only (at least so far).

During the pandemic, I also “officially” launched my side business, vici marketing, which really started as a way for me to help some of my friends with their marketing needs and has since evolved to working with a couple of clients. In the past few months, I’ve begun pondering about the direction I want to take with vici, but for now, it’s on the side burner.

My current commitments are:

  • Growing the marketing efforts at Boast.AI
  • Learning how to shift my internal mindset from “executor” to “strategist”. This is the exact growth I had wanted for the past year or so, but I’ve found it a bit challenging not to just execute the job but also link everything to back to the higher purpose. Although I had been learning how to manage this shift in my past role, it’s entirely different when you’re a marketing team of one (ish).
  • Learning as much as I can about how growth marketing works. My background has been in content marketing and while there were certain aspects in my past role that aligned more towards growth, rather than content, I’m trying to learn everything that I might have missed and fill those gaps.

I’m open to:

  • Calls and virtual meets with other marketers and leaders in growth marketing or those wanting to up their content game (whether it’s writing or something more visual). Drop me a line at my email (hey at emparekh.com) or on Twitter.
  • Doing a collab for photography. I’m fairly new and still haven’t fully developed my style but I always seem to function better with a friend. You can also hit me up if you like what you see and want to work with me to create something similar.

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